Brent J.

“When I first met George, in 2003, I was having a difficult time in my marriage. He helped us not only save our marriage, but to live in it with joy, integrity, softness. Love always wins. I have some complicated family issues as well, some that I thought I’d never be able to sit with in a good way. I now do, thanks to George. He has always told me the truth, never waivers from the truth. I am a recovering person and George and I have had very helpful talks that have deepened my appreciation for the 12 step recovery model and the spiritual presence therein. I love him dearly and respect and cherish him as a teacher, counselor and praying man. I have, at times found that my ideas, opinions, thoughts and preferences are getting in my own way of living fully. George helped and continues to help me with mine. I have seen him give amazing counsel to countless others since he first helped me. I highly recommend George Bertelstein for counseling, spiritual aid, family issues, couples counseling, and recovery issues. He is most remarkable, you’ll see.”