Christopher D.

“I do not have the words to adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for all George has done for me.  He has a gift. My life was spinning way out of control when I first me with him. Marriage, substance abuse, obesity, verge of bankruptcy, extreme work stress, I had no idea which way to turn, didn’t like my life, didn’t like myself. He listens intently. And then he talks; he offers guidance.  
First, what he pointed out to me took a tremendous amount of guilt off my shoulders, my God I felt better after that first session. Then, and it is hard to explain what it is he does, but he explains things about life. And then your path becomes very clear. I read a review about him when I was trying to find a counselor (and that is how I came to try George) where the reviewer said “everyone needs a George B. in their life.” That always stuck with me. That says it perfectly.”