Jennifer M.

“Many of us find ourselves at a point where we cannot imagine our lives being good, or even suffer-able. I was at such a point when someone introduced me to George. What I lacked at that point was an ability to see myself as I really was, and the courage to be that person fully. George has the amazing ability to make you feel cared for and supported, and charged with taking responsibility for your life at the same time.
George has a truly unique gift as a counselor and a human being to see people as they really are. What literally saved my life in his teachings was his unwillingness to continue to see me unless I was willing to do the work to save my own life. He gave me a spiritual bear hug and a kick in the butt at the same time, the perfect catalyst for me to actually re-form my entire life.
George is unlike any other counselor you will meet in that he is more concerned about your well-being than your continued patronage. I “graduated” from George’s “school” over ten years ago, and have been using the skills I learned there to craft a wonderful, fulfilling life.”