Katy P.

I’ve put off writing this review because there are simply not enough words of praise or stars to rate this man’s service with. So, I’m keeping it simple. I’m not going to restate what others have stated. His gifts as a counselor are innumerable.  I will say this from my own experience, George is one of the most down to Earth people I have ever met. No nonsense, no fuss, no enabling, no overly intellectual gobbletygook from this man ever. He is a regular guy with some amazing gifts. After struggling with issues over my lifetime that we’re limiting me in my personal, business and creative life, and seeking help from several counselors over the years, I can say that George’s counsel has been the best by FAR because his healing went immediately to the core. It’s powerful and fast insight, but not scary at all.  It’s freeing and reassuring!  
Not many people can say what he says and have it land in your heart the way he does. He has been gifted with keen vision and a bold heart. He emanates true compassion.  George has changed my life for the better in profound ways. Basically, George saved my life, or helped me save my life, or God worked through George to save my life… however you want to put it, it’s what happened. On top of that, George helped to save three of my relationships from destruction. This all might sound dramatic, but it’s true. I owe my current happy life to George.  How do you yelp review about this?!? Because of George I am WAY higher functioning in every way. My kids are happy and thriving, because they have a mom who is able to be with them in the present, not stuck in the past. Thank you George!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!