Lisa C.

How do you “review” George. George Bertelstein is a wise man. An elder. A bridge. So necessary for todays society. A man. Especially a real man with a solid foundation capable of manifesting in the physical world. Whose Morals & Values are in the right place starting with Health, Self Love/Spirituality, Family, Friends, Community++ Who is Grounded in the Wisdom of Mother Earth & soars with Father Sky. George is a living example of the balance of Yin & Yang.  He is a Trusted confidant. “A Secret Keeper.”  He “Holds Space” for you to “Do Your Own Work.” Which is where the rubber hits the road with regard to True Healing. If your seeking Council as a Couple I/my Partner & I have found Sessions with both George & His Lovely Wife Georgia afforded us THE MOST “Bang for The Buck.” They George & Georgia have a beautiful relationship & family which inspires ALL of us to aspire toward. That kind of “love.”

AFTERALL, that’s the answer isn’t it.

“The Medicine” George Bertelstein is on This Earth
in This Lifetime to bring to The People

George is “The Real Deal.”

Best of Luck on Your Journey.

In Joy.

Lisa Cianci
Owner, Founder
Cross Bull Ranch