Liz M.

“The first time I met George, I felt instantly safe and comfortable. In the 4 years I’ve known him, that has never wavered, not once.  I had been through a great loss and George was always there through my healing journey, available for guidance and caring when I needed it. His compassion is straight and to the point, just plain common sense that is a much needed thing in this world. He is also just a person like everyone else, down to earth and funny, knows when to blast your world open with higher consciousness and when to be soft. Either way, it’s always done with love and kindness.
George’s consistent service to the community is astounding, and he has touched the lives of thousands of people over many years in a positive way. I always feel loved in his presence. George has elevated himself to a place where just being around him invites me to do the same, and truly lives by example. I am honored to know him and to have experienced the teaching of this great human being in my life.”