Teresa S.

“Real, honest, wise and funny, George Bertelstein has been of immeasurable value to me as a mentor, teacher, and friend, far beyond the usual bounds of a counselor. This man is truly dedicated to healing and will be 100% honest with you. As a young woman far from my family, I value the firm but loving corrections and suggestions
that I always get from this great teacher and father figure of mine. He is often available by phone for quick, extremely useful, heart based spiritual advice sessions. He has been trained in the Native American spiritual system and is a wonderful example of a man who lives his prayer.
He has helped me so, so, so, so, so so much through the very hard times I have had with chronic Lyme disease and relationship problems. He’s EXCELLENT for couples. If practical, spirit-centered, crystal clear, life-changing, powerful, loving, non-judgmental and un-sugar-coated support and reflection is what you seek for yourself or a loved one, he’s your man. He’s seen it all and can still be humble and present in a really good way for pretty much anyone with any problem.”