Vladislav D.

“Just a quick note to say THANK YOU.  That counseling session you did with me really gave me truly profound insights that helped me navigate the professional crisis I was facing.   The bits about understanding tribe dynamics and the nature of peace as needing to often be simply passive, not active, was profound and fundamentally changed the course of my actions.

Since we met, I’ve launched the online free permaculture course and completely revolutionized the way permaculture education is done.  With 35,000 enrolled students (and 1000+ more signing up every single day) we’re now by far the largest permaculture school in North America, if not globally.   We have students from literally a hundred different countries enrolled – Nigeria, Qatar, Japan, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, you name it.

These are all people who are learning how to make the planet profoundly healthier, completely without any tuition.  This work has never been made available on this scale before, anywhere.  Needless to say, the success of the course also has quickly translated into my own financial security as well through the optional paid services we provide.None of this would have been possible without your guidance.  The fact is that the attacks have all but ceased — it’s pretty hard to attack good work that has such clear and profound relevancy, and it’s even harder to attack me in the context of thousands and thousands of gratitude messages from people all over the world. So simply.. thank you.”