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We can pray with all our hearts…

“We can pray with all our hearts to be in a good way with everyone and everything and our paths will still be strewn with omissions and failures and hard feelings. The Medicine is here to help us to forgive ourselves and everyone else for being human. Then we must move forward.”

When I was younger…

When I was younger I was very troubled. I kept my troubles to myself. I felt like I was on a terrifying ride that would never end.
Then I began to pray. I offered my troubles to a power greater than myself. I saw that my troubles arose and passed away. I felt like I was blindly stumbling down a mysterious road that would never end.
Now I take my troubles to Chanunpa. Chanunpa tells me I have no troubles, and that I am a part of everything on a beautiful path that will never end.

The ceremonies are given to us…

George Bertelstein Counseling

“The ceremonies are given to us to help us to remember to pray and to be humble, always. When we are always humble and always praying, we won’t need the ceremonies any more.”   – George Bertelstein